MEP Services

Explore best MEP services from Decon Architects!!

The mechanical, electrical, plumbing designs of any building must be made with the utmost accuracy and excellence because they form the structure’s foundation. Long-term solutions are provided through our MEP engineering design services for projects. Our engineers create MEP models and validate these models for the building’s constructability, functionality, and maintenance. Our engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their fields. Our ability to comply with the client- or industry-specific drafting standards, as well as our familiarity with a range of codes, guarantee flexible solutions for the customers and on-time deliverables.

Our staff provides clients with minimal oversight as they work through projects from beginning to end. With little guidance from the architect of records, we start with the essential design documentation, go on to the calculations, and then create construction document packages. Our procedure makes sure that every design is thoroughly coordinated while yet allowing your internal technical team to keep control of the design. Decon Architect has experience working on some of the most famous projects in the world and has shown to be a trustworthy partner for many of our clients.

Our top benefits:
Automated cycles for a quicker, more efficient design process
• Direct connectivity between BIM models and design software
• Data reliability
• Engineers, owners, and architects collaborate on the excellent model.
• The coordinated BIM model optimises material amounts, equipment sizing, and final duct and pipe routing.
• Significant time and financial savings in the design
• BIM models that are feasible and affordable
• Consistent and thorough construction documentation